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Billed as the ultimate cure for the ‘mum tum’, abdominoplasty is the next generation of tummy tuck, and is Britain’s fastest-growing cosmetic surgery trend.

The surgery, which lasts around 90 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetic, involves cutting along the bikini line from hip to hip, and lifting the skin to repair and tighten the abdominal stomach muscles, which stretch over time, by sewing them together with thick thread.

Paul Harris, consultant plastic surgeon at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, says: ‘This procedure is becoming more and more popular, especially for women after giving birth.

I started thinking about surgery almost as soon as Mya was born but, when I read about what was involved, I was terrified. It took me a long time to get the courage to think about it seriously.Previously, it was normal for surgeons to insert suction tubes after the operation to drain fluid from the patient’s abdomen.Using the traditional technique, space was left between the fat of the abdomen and the muscle, which allowed serous fluid (the yellow fluid that comes out of a weeping wound) to collect in the space as the tissue healed.He is best known for his work with David Walliams on the TV show Little Britain (2003).He shot to fame in the 90s as the scorekeeping baby Georgie Dawes in the comedy panel game Shooting Stars.

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