Updating notebook motherboard compaq 1000

Disconnect the cooling fan cable from the motherboard (yellow arrow). The part number should be located on a sticker in the memory compartment. Here’s the bottom case without motherboard installed. Disconnect the USB and audio board cables from the motherboard (green arrows). Lift up the right side of the motherboard as it shown on the picture below and disconnect the DC-IN jack cable. By the way, the best way to find a replacement motherboard is searching by the HP part number.PERFORMANCE GAINS To give you an idea of the sort of performance gains you might expect, we replaced the top-end Intel Wi Fi Link 5300 card in our test laptop with the cheaper, single-band two-stream Azure Wave unit from another system.The latter card is based on the Atheros AR5B95 chipset and is found in many budget laptops.Even fewer boast the top-end three-stream variants.The good news is that the wireless card is one of the few components in a laptop that you can upgrade. Be careful, it’s still connected to the motherboard. By the way, it’s not necessary to separate the display panel assemble from the base in order to take it apart. 480481-001 for notebooks equipped with Intel processors.

Move the brown clip about 2 millimeters in the direction shown by two arrows. Disconnect the video cable from the connector on the motherboard. Disconnect the touch pad cable from the motherboard. Start separating the top cover assemble from the notebook base. The USB board, audio board, cooling fan and DC-IN jack are mounted on the base. In order to remove the cooling fan, simply remove two screws securing the fan.At long range, we were able to connect, but the card wouldn’t transmit files at all to the target laptop, and receiving speeds were limited to a mere 0.4MB/sec.CHECKLIST Before you rush off to place your order, though, there are a few things you need to do.The card is easy enough to identify: 30mm wide, it will have either two or three leads plugged into a series of terminals on one edge, and an edge connector at the other end, which will be plugged into the laptop’s motherboard. There are two types of PCI Express Mini Card: full height and half height.You need to buy the right one, otherwise you won’t be able to screw it into place securely once you’ve plugged it in.

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