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You can verify that your certificate is properly installed by using our Certificate Testing Tool.

The best way to test your certificate using a browser is to visit its secure URL with a browser other than Internet Explorer.

IIS 7.0 includes changes in how you can administer Web.config files and in the types of settings that can be stored in the Web.config files. Because IIS 7.0 configuration information is based on the . NET application running in IIS 7.0, you can specify the default file to return when a browser does not request a specific file.

The new settings are in a new configuration section named . NET applications is integrated more closely with IIS administration, and there is no separate snap-in. NET Framework configuration system, the Web.config file for an application that runs in IIS 7.0 contains both Web server and ASP. (In IIS 6.0 and earlier versions of IIS, this was a setting that was maintained in the IIS metabase.) Some settings apply only to IIS 7.0 Integrated mode and do not apply to Classic mode.

However, if you run the application in Integrated mode, you must remove the .

When you move a Web application from IIS 6.0 to Classic mode, it is not guaranteed to work in Integrated mode without changes.

It is also configured to run under the default application pool, which is called application or create a new application pool that is configured to run in Classic mode.

For information about how to create an application pool, see Create an Application Pool.

When you move an application from Classic to Integrated mode, you can leave custom modules and handler registrations for Classic mode, or you can remove them.Any custom modules that implement the interface in an application that runs in Classic mode are notified only about pipeline requests that are handled by the ASP. For example, they are notified about requests for an page. These attributes specify that the module that defines the handler is an ISAPI extension, and they specify the path of that extension.The application life cycle for Classic mode is the same as the life cycle for ASP. This is how IIS 7.0 in Classic mode provides backward compatibility with earlier versions of IIS.If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see IIS SSL Certificate CSR Creation :: Microsoft IIS.How to install your SSL Certificate to your Windows 2000/2003 Server New: IIS 5/6 installation video walkthrough If you are installing an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, use our IIS EV SSL Certificate Installation Instructions.

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