Un franco 14 pesetas online dating

The parents' unexpected visit, their reunion with friends and clandestine love affairs cause a tremendous stir.

Enjoyable biographic movie well written , played and directed by Carlos Iglesias , being a following to "Un Franco, Catorce Pesetas" (Crossing Borders, 2006) .

The movie plot about the life of Spanish immigrants in Switzerland in the late 1960s and 1970s is based on his parents' as well as his own experience as an immigrant and adequately showing us how was the life of that time .

This movie shows the case of two emigrants, Martin and Marcos, to Switerland about 1960; Martin protagonist is married and Marcos is single. I think this film shows the reality slightly sweetened, as the two Spaniards know well his task and work, and that wasn't the most usual thing, so most of them had to learn industrials tasks out of Spain.

They have many problems, but curiously, not with work.

I think it' s not necessary to introduice Carlos Iglesias ; also famous for an another Masterpiece"Ispansi"( the spanish imigation to Russia during Franco's dictatorship). On the other hand -we are told- Spain is such a wretched place that it doesn't even have trees or rivers, state schools or a national health service. Some of the characters don't make a lot of sense - Obviously the point of the poignant Disabled Grandfather is to be stared at in disgust by his grandson (so crude), but what's the point of The Angry Catalan? Apart from that, some of the acting is poor (particularly the main character and that of the little boy); but to be fair to he actors, they try their best with a script that sounds stilted and unnatural - as the director is trying to lecture you at every step, particularly with the clumsy attempts at linking to today's migratory movements.

I was lucky to viewed " Ispansi" last June in "Cervantes Institut" with a lot of another movies and the Director Himself!! However the director's views are well expressed with his use of image, light and colour; and the people I watched the film with found it very emotional.

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