Sex trafficking books online

And since a pimp will force their “ho” victims to have sex with hundreds of men (92%); use drugs (28%); and undergo abortions (27%), removal of these books would send a clear message to would-be “pimp” sex traffickers that this victimization of human beings is not something to which they should aspire. The idea of censorship bothers us, as it should bother all Americans. And this is why we are only asking that one company — — stop selling these books.

They will still be available, just not as easily accessed.

Toledo alone has become notorious for human trafficking in the United States, and with Lima being so close it's understandable that locals have become extremely cautious.

The picture was taken using Snapchat, and had a caption across it that read "if this girl comes to your door, don't answer it."The user detailed how the girl had come to her doorstep selling educational books for children, and used her "smooth-talking" to come inside their home.

The user claimed that the young saleswoman was actually involved in human trafficking and was using the books as a guise to case the home for children to kidnap.

The user went so far as to accuse the saleswoman of using their bathroom only to examine pictures of her children. "How could a young girl do something like that to families?

That's despicable." But after about 1 millisecond, my "don't-believe-everything-you-read-on-the-Internet" common sense kicked in, and I began my research.

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