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” not only to assist him, but because I wanted a closer peek into this domain of "mature" relationships.I’d also gift-wrap for him at the register (which we weren’t supposed to do) because we had bonded -- thanks to me (partly), he was about to eat his heart out in the bedroom. I also loved helping women who shopped with sultry purpose: the liberated divorcée coveting a saucy new wardrobe, the college chick looking to execute the ’ol lingerie-under-trench-coat surprise.This is what I do on Adult Hookups and I dont ever plan on stopping anytime soon!It also helps that there is so many hot guys on this site that I dont need to slow down.When a guy couldn’t decide between the black bra and the white cami, I’d say, “Every girl has a sweet I rang up purchases for sixth-grade girls who could barely see over the cash wrap and it was jarring what they considered to be age-appropriate undergarments.When I was 12, I was wearing Fruit of the Loom briefs under my overalls.

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your size.” Before his eyes wandered to my chest, I’d have him visually compare his girlfriend’s chest to the mannequin’s 34B.

Gone are the days when sexy panties were deemed big-girl weaponry. This includes my least-favorite breed of woman who wished to be hand-held around the store, then would ask for a five-for- deal on the non-sale panties. Every once in a while, there’d be a guy with a wedding ring on purchasing a white bra in size 34A and a lacy red bustier in size 36DD. Let’s just say, that’s not the client I ever gift-wrapped for.

Brooke Sager is a contributing writer for Thrillist living in NYC.

I didn't want to go out by myself since all of my friends were home with their kids so I signed up for Adult Hookups to see what it was about.

I have to say, all of my mother girlfriend are missing out!

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