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Comment réserver Pour connaitre les disponibilités , veuillez contacter Yann au .45.50 ou envoyez un message en cliquant sur Reserver.

Pour préparer au mieux votre réservation, pensez à nous communiquer: la date d'arrivée et de départ le nombre de personnes, adultes et enfants le type de logement: appartement ou chambre le nom de l'appartement ou de la chambre les options choisies Nous vous confirmerons la disponiblité et le montant du séjour.

A réception de votre règlement, nous vous adresserons un courrier de confirmation pour les chambres et un contrat de location pour les appartements.

A votre arrivée, un chèque de caution sera exigée pour la location d'appartement.

I wish we could pass them out no problem, but it’s just not a norm of our culture yet and I think we can help change that.

ER: Which businesses and communities have you found to be the most responsive in promoting The Peach Coven?

Everyone is still kind of falling into their responsibilities.

The only hyper-specific we have is that menstruation affects women, but we try to make it clear that we don’t just serve women but also transmen and the trans community in general.That’s sort of how we’ve done it and it’s been extremely organic.I would say we’re definitely a textbook grassroots group when it comes to organizing. Technically we have four members, which is just the board, but we have three more individuals that regularly work with us around their school schedules.We also have flyers that I’ll pass out at events or put up somewhere.A lot of people are really open to contacting us though and they get involved by doing a drive and letting all their friends and colleagues know too.

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