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Fourthly, the carbon in the organic remains does have to originate with the terrestrial carbon cycle and with plants performing photosynthesis.If this is not the case, it is sometimes possible to correct for the fact; in other cases it makes dating impossible.We can also compare radiocarbon dates with dates known on other grounds.For example, we have discussed the use of varves for dating; now since varves incorporate organic material as they are formed, we can check that when we radiocarbon date a varve, we get the same date for it as we obtain by counting the varves.After about 60,000 years the quantity will be too small for our instruments to measure accurately, and the best we'll be able to say is that the sample is about 60,000 years old or more.

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This means that when an organism is alive, its ratio of C dating, or C-C dating.

Also it is obviously possible to carbon-date one of the growth rings of a tree, and to compare the date produced by radiocarbon dating with the date produced by dendrochronology.

Such dates typically agree to within 1 or 2 per cent.

This allows archaeologists to estimate the magnitude of this effect and correct for it.

Another source of carbon we have to take into account is the weathering of limestone.

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