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Likes: food, good stuff, chocolate, hockey, art, making art, anime/manga (see fav stories for list), yaoi, animals that don't bite me, llama's, and cute things/people in general... To a certain CEO, this could be the chance of a lifetime. Yet another take on the infamous 'pool scene' and what might have happened before. Amanda Holmes is called to her youngest son's school. Follows 'I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus' and 'For Auld Lang Syne.' John/Sherlock pairing. The number one reason is not due to Sherlock Holmes, but the Battle Butler behind him. Now he lives in Italy, is the Lombardi Prodigy, and heir to the Cortalioni enterprise. He becomes obsessed with trying to gain his memories back.

Aims for the future: graduate, become a superhero, and fly to where the coco beans grow to get some good dark chocolate, and eat it untill I meet my happy, chocolate filled death. v=ij FQtvgyck4&feature=related - Part 7 Almost done, am working on part 3/3 when I can, it's surprisingly difficult to set a limit. Patience please for something other than absolute bull honkey. Thank you everyone for supporting me while writing this monstrosity! If you want to read what I'm writing, please just look me up on ( , or ( for my nonfanfiction fiction.. When John Watson received a mysterious summons from the British Government, he was not expecting to get asked to pilot a highly advanced piece of technology, nor was he expecting an AI named Sherlock to be his co-pilot. Danzo has finally managed to connive Naruto into Root, or so he believes. 30themes with Aomine/Kuroko - varying between close friendship and strong romance. unless an insomniac detective can help him put a stop to both.

Realistic aims for the future: graduate, work in a gallery for art restoration (or something similar), maybe get married, maybe have kids, be happy, and when I'm old and unusefull, eat chocolate untill I meet my happy, chocolate filled death Favourite Quotes: God sent Meat and the devil sends cooks. Special thanks to Randompersonofdoom for being extra awesome. the wattpad one has a story by my beloved sibling as well : P I'll be updating stuff on there instead... Merlin has changed Camelot forever but while that part of his life is complete, destiny has a new task for him. Naruto, who will now be within reach of his emotionally inept, traumatized, fanatical devotees. 'As Tsuna finds his genitals touch free and his face full of 'Specification of Lion Mating', he can't help but feel that maybe, this isn't going to be as enjoyable as he thought.' AU smut, 1827. It has been two months, three weeks and five days, to be exact, since Gokudera and Tsuna became a couple, and kissing is as far as they have gone. As punishment for his insufferable rudeness, Grimmjow is transformed into a harmless house cat by Aizen and thrown into the human world. Human beings like Beyond Birthday were never meant to be born with shinigami eyes. Pre-slash but the porniest thing I have ever written. COMPLETE LV/HP: Raised in a Muggle orphanage, Harry arrives at Hogwarts a bitter boy. I take it the wizarding world doesn't really have them, then? "No, not really." AU, assorted oneshots and snippets. Lightx L dark Mention to anyone that you're the head of a large crime syndicate who gets paid to organise and perpetrate crime on a national and sometimes even global level and, chances are they will, more than likely, assume you have quite a thrilling job. Draco, at thirty, is the youngest member of the Wizengamot, and thinks he's arrived at the height of power. "Please, don't kill me." What might have happened if Harry had not stabbed Riddle's diary? Mycroft is just as much of a genius as Sherlock is.

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Then he turned fourteen and a baby in a suit showed up and nothing else is quite the same. Naruto, a young omega that is now an ANBU invites two males, Kakashi and Akatora, to chase him down and 'play' with him during his heat, but he ends up with more then he asked for; he gets a whole ninja harem in need of attention. warn slash, child abus/non con, HP/LVAfter the Representative Battles of the Rainbow, Tsuna's going to be Vongola Decimo in more than just name, and the world is going to realise that Vongola's tenth generation is more than just a bunch of kids. Lx Light Tsuna decides to get a job because he didn't want to be indebted to his father. A quirky romance told in 100- or 1000-word snippets. Meanwhile, the Avengers deal with the implications that come with an almighty spirit, otherworldly religions, and the revalation that Santa is real. Sherlock, at first, fully intends to drive John away. Rated for dark themes and possible slash later in the piece Shwatson One night, a few years after he finished high school, Seto Kaiba sees Joey Wheeler standing on a street between a few other hookers. Just how does little Naruto survive when he becomes the host of the strongest Biju Kyuubi and fate leads him to a room filled with dominants? Some sacrifices should not be made, especially those that forfeit one's life to the enemy. Plagued by memories of his past life and smarter than before everything is about to change. AU"The day John Watson roared up outside of 221b Baker Street on a sleek black motorcycle is the day Sherlock Holmes knew he was utterly and completely done for." Sherlock has a little motorcycle kink. Phantom/HP Trying to escape from the ruins of his past, Erik accidentally stumbles upon a young Harry Potter, who took pity on the man with the monstrous face. John/Sherlock John has made many adjustments since returning from Afghanistan but he still has his pride. the chocolate may be the only thing that loves him at all. Jiraiya has run out of story ideas, and decides to use his favorite student for a bit of fun. Ichigo is walking home one night when he is attacked by a large dog. Honestly this story is pure smut but definitely worth the read. When he gets assigned as Stark’s Fraccion, new information comes to the surface, as well as new feelings. Sasuke is happily living with Naruto, his lover and dearest person. In doing so he finds himself thinking about his old teacher, quite a bit. Spin-off fic set before the events of "You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners". Sherlock drags John along to Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy And "Anthea", too . Aidan attempts to better understand just what Josh meant when he said that the wolf 'talked' to him. Harry is finding a healthy outlet for his "saving people thing" in the form of one damaged little boy. A decade on from last seeing him turns that opinion on its head and Petunia is forced to face her guilt. Time is the issue though, as the Champions must complete their tasks and Harry decides to take control. Sherlock overdoses on Red Bull, much to John's dismay.Author has written 23 stories for Naruto, Death Note, Harry Potter, Eyeshield 21, Sherlock, Torchwood, Suits, Avengers, Hannibal, Maleficent, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Pride and Prejudice, Jekyll & Hyde, and Rise of the Guardians. I make no money from any of my stories here, and only gain reviews : D I own none of the shows/books/ideas of the above mentioned Titles that I have written of. I dunno what to write in this so I'll stick to the basics... and home made salsa (mmm, yum)Dislikes: many things, but right now I absolutely HATE stress. Something interesting/strange about me: I've been playing hockey since I was five, and after one too many hits in the boards, I'm double jointed in one of my thumbs...oh! After Harry's 5th birthday, his true powers are unleashed, powers so dark that Dumbledore felt the need to bind them. There is something about you that makes me willing to withstand the pain of both distance and time. Life is wonderful until he is called back to England and meets Draco Malfoy again. The problem is that his mysterious flat-mate seems equally obsessed with making sure he doesn't. DH cannon compliant, but probably not the way you think. Light had dealt with admirers before, but nothing like this.Age: 19 (I'm writing this in 2012, you do the math)Birthday: February 3rd Sex? and I can lick my elbow when given at least 5 minutes to get to it. " but now I have to finish the story in the next chapter. Will post the 'last' chapter saying when the sequel, To Tired To Wink (or T3W), is posted. Fleeing the Dursleys just before his 11th birthday, he seeks refuge with his family's ancestral allies, the Hellsings. AU Crossover Naruto makes a good shinobi, but a lousy weapon. But when all else falls away, you can remember that you once had me. Aidan and Sally decide to let Josh know that they enjoy the 'family meals'. Never mind the fact that they're both dead, can't taste and haven't cooked in ages. DMHPWho'd have known that spilling some wine would have such great consequences? Sasu Naru Humour/Romace/Crime/ Angst, yaoi, Yakuza galore, AU, and other pairings, inspired by Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder COMPLETEComplete. John is pregnant during Reichenbach, and the day Sherlock returns to London is actually the day Joan goes into labour...violence, implied sex, medical discussions of pregnancy, Sherlock/Joan John knows he has an unusual relationship with his flatmate. And yes, he knows everyone assumes he's in a relationship with Sherlock Holmes. COMPLETEMinerva needs help delivering another letter to #4 Privet Drive. Between an unknown stalker and a mass-murderer with a God complex, it's unlikely that Light will ever sleep again...

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