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The remainder of this post will examine the techniques used for each section. X values increase to the right and Y values increase down the worksheet. I originally decided to have grid of 10 rows of size 50pts, which is 500pts.

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During this I stumbled on an article about How to calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hotdogs. This is more correctly known as the Buffon's Needle. The drawing is outsourced to a small subroutine to simplify the code flow. This allows for space above/below for inputs, controls and stats. But in Excel 2010 using a standard Calibri Font, I could only get an odd 49.5 pts Row Spacing (66 pixels). Close enough and I can use that as a variable in VBA when I check the hotdogs location, more on this later. "The technique of estimating Pi by throwing hotdogs onto a grid involves marking out a grid on the floor with grid lines spaced equivalent to the length of the hotdog. You then randomly throw hotdogs onto the grid and tally up the number of hotdogs that cross a grid line.

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