Menander dyskolos online dating

Would modern audiences have not grown tired of similar characters, predictable situations and events?

His wife and step-son Georgias had left him and it is only when Georgias saves his life, he self-reflects and starts to change, making it possible for Sostratos, a wealthy young man, to marry Knemon’s pious daughter, who in the past had been strictly forbidden to wed outside of her father’s class.48), forgetting to mention the obvious – fascination of audiences with good stories about love and sex, misfortune and luck, and with interesting characters coming from all walks of life.If it was not for these popular themes, would have recently exceeded 10,279 episodes?At the time of Menander’s birth Athens was still the cultural center of the world, however the situation changed after the Macedonian conquest.Powerful cities, such as Athens and Sparta, lost their supremacy giving way to the multicultural city of Alexandria founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.

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