Gay dating manhunter

He is also the most easily pushed aside should this backfire on DC.

(I’ve lost count of the number of times Barry Allen has been killed, so don’t put it past DC to just change things.) Alfred – Batman’s butler seems like a safe choice, and like Damian, due to his age dating wouldn’t be a huge issue. He has had his own comic series back in the day, and he is a fairly well-known figure. Essentially I’m down to two choices due to I don’t think that DC will go the route of Alfred or Jimmy, Robin and Flash.

If it’s Katar Hol, he is from Thangar and is an alien.

Any way you slice it, I just don’t see it being Hawkman.

She offered him a rag when his hands got to dirty and let him clean himself up.

She took the rag into her own hands and carefully wiped away the grease when Conner got it on his face or his chin or right there above his eyebrows.

where he revealed that a character would be coming out as gay.

There is just no way they will open this can of worms.

Robin – The current Robin is actually Bruce Wayne’s son with Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne.

J'onn isn't sure how exactly M'gann thought he wouldn't find out.

But that secret, in M'gann's scarred mind, is also a matter of life or death. Now, J'onn has been more...focused on the boy and so, reasonably, he's picked up on some new aspects of Conner that he'd previously overlooked.

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