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A person can be randomly picked from a million of users present on the Omegle database.

The conversations take place in an anonymous environment.

There are no gimmicks and the style of this app is quite minimalistic without any flashes.

It is considered to be one of the best chat platforms for the android mobiles.

Unlike the other chat apps, this app does not target people on the basis of their sexual orientation or age or location.

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For the users who like filters in the chat have a great news, they will have a proper control on which category do they opt for, whether serious relationship, flirting or fun.People can even flirt with strangers and have fun subsequently.It is the most reputed platform for chatting with strangers and continues to be so for the last years.It basically works on the “subtract the distance” concept.Using the distance awareness, the person can find out who is out there in the town.

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