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Entitlement abusers are people who like to maintain a good face in the community that they're operating in, so once there's a hint of light shed on the abuse, they are unlikely to continue their pursuit.

Survival abusers, according to Averill, are the most deadly.

She had mentioned wanting to go away to New York City to teach.

She didn't want him to have to follow her."Former teammate: 'Everyone loved Kelsey' l SUNY Geneseo remembers vicims with memorial service l Kelsey Annese's impact lives on In the early morning hours of Jan. Those are the words used to describe that morning, and the days, weeks, months and soon-to-be years that have followed.

"I don’t think you really take a second look at it unless it directly impacts you, which is sad because it’s hard to get people to listen and understand unless it’s something that they've already been affected by."Cohan added, "It doesn’t seem like something that actually happens in the world, but it did.

It’s really scary."Much like the friends of Annese, those closest to Alyssa Taft said that her relationship with Knight-Hollis lacked known signs of abuse.

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While Barnes had feared for her life at points throughout her relationship, friends of Annese said the more than three years that she spent dating Kingston seemed nothing short of healthy.

They operate with an "if I can't have you, nobody can" mentality.

Cases with survival abusers are more likely to result in murder-suicides.

Females between the ages of 16 and 24 are three times more likely than the rest of the population to be abused by an intimate partner.

The chance of that violence turning deadly increases by more than 70 percent directly after a victim chooses to leave.

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