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article included statistics and charts on a wide range of factors that affected their overall ratings, including incidents of ethnic slurs and offensive language or behaviors, physical assualts, and other social environmental qualities.Unfortunately, I don't have the space to present all of that data, so I will only reprint some student comments and the charts for the top 15 Universities and the top 15 Libeal Arts Colleges.For instance, my school has never been known to be 'conducive' to an Asian American identity, but this doesn't mean the school can't change.And if students of Asian descent choose not to attend just because of it's 'white-washed' history, then the school will never become conducive to an Asian American identity.In the end, Asian American students should do their homework, so to speak, and research the schools they're interested in carefully, including visiting the campus if possible and at the very least, talking to Asian American students who already know the scene there. Above all, students should remember that college is a place to learn, academically and socially. Asian Americans seem more serious and down-to-earth here.

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Sometimes the case is that other ethnicities aren't racist, the prejudice and bigotry comes from those who are of one's own racial group." (Brown University, Providence, RI) "Self-segregation among Asians is the largest factor leading to lack of integration into the main student body.

The result is, whites pat us on the head for being 'model' and other minorities dislike us because they think we are 'model."' (University of California, Berkeley) "I attend Indiana University in Bloomington, where Benjamin Smith shot Won Joon Yoon last July 4th. I find the belated increased interest in Asians and multiculturalism by the white majority a bit insulting.

It is surprising how many people assume that all Asian students know each other." (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN "I loved Barnard.

An 'everyone is out to get me' stance on life is unappealing to me, egotistical and promotes placing blame on someone else's shoulders, I would not trade away my race to make my life 'easier.' And I'm not going to lean on my race as a crutch throughout my life." (University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO) "Although I've never been called an ethnic slur, there is an undercurrent in UC Berkeley that follows these lines: whites think that Asians are the model minority and that we're second class citizens in America who are overall passive and submissive.

Other minorities think there are too many Asian Americans in college and that we 'side' with whites on important issues.

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