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(Antiquities 14.325) [footnote: We may here take notice that espousals alone were of old esteemed a sufficient foundation for affinity, Hyrcanus being here called father-in-law to Herod, ; (466) and as he removed his camp, and came near that part of the wall where it could be most easily assaulted, he pitched that camp before the temple, intending to make his attacks in the same manner as did Pompey.

So he encompassed the place with three bulwarks, and erected towers, and employed a great many hands about the work, and cut down the trees that were round about the city; (467) and when he had appointed proper persons to oversee the works, even while the army lay before the city, .

At the end of the betrothal period the marriage took place, on a Wednesday if the bride was a virgin and on a Thursday if she was a widow.

If she did not bleed, the groom could report this to the father of the bride and she would be stoned to death.

It was preceded by a betrothal that was much more binding than is an engagement in modern societies.

It was really the first stage of marriage, and it took divorce proceedings to dissolve it.

Chapter 16 How Herod, When He Had Married Mariamne, Took Jerusalem with the Assistance of Sossius, by Force; And How the Government of the Asamoneans Was Put an End to 1.

(468) After the wedding was over, came Sossius through Phoenicia, having sent out his army before him over the midland parts.

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