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— There are 69 oncolytic viruses in clinical development, all in the second wave behind Amgen’s T-Vec; 95 are preclinical.

— There are 99 T cell targeted immunomodulators in clinical development, 199 in preclinical development.

Rick Mac Donald has a patient expecting premature triplets any day now, and he’s worried they may have nowhere to go.

What he calls a “huge” and festering health-care shortage problem came to a head this week as more than half the intensive-care units that treat Ontario’s sickest newborn babies were full up and closed to new patients.“What on earth are we going to do with three newborns that need level-three nurseries?

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The gold rush on I/O, though, is causing biopharmas and researchers to rush into trials where they haven’t done the science to check and see if they have a reasonable chance of success.“What we’ve found is just an unbelievable amount of innovation out there,” he says.And it is having a real impact on the standard of care in cancer.At a time that each new study in the recent wave involves dwindling numbers of patients, Shalabi sees two underlying trends: The ability to track a benefit with smaller patient groups, and these single-site affairs that are likely to deliver data that will be harder to interpret.Says Shalabi: “It’s going to be a big challenge to recruit and then interpret them.” “More and more of these studies are just being designed locally; there’s an appearance of overcrowding,” he says.

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