Chat sex nab

The new law would make it a crime, punishable with prison terms of up to six months and fines of as much as ,000 per offense, for operators of commercial Web sites to make certain types of graphic sexual material available to children younger than 17 years old.

A coalition of 17 free-speech organizations filed suit opposing the statute, saying it violates the First Amendment.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles officials arrested a 43-year-old Calabasas man who lured a 13-year- old Connecticut girl he met in a chat room into a hotel room to have sex.

But they say that there is nothing illegal about people merely discussing their desire to perform acts that might be illegal.Detectives throughout the country are now seeing the need to focus on the Internet, where millions of young computer users are at risk of being terrorized by sexual predators each day.Precise numbers are difficult to come by, but more and more pedophiles from around the globe are using the World Wide Web to prey on young, unsuspecting victims, investigators say. They use the Internet to exchange child pornography internationally.1998-12-07 PDT SAN JOSE -- Daniel De Pew and Dean Lambey's scheme was about as hellish as the minds of men can conceive: Kidnap a young boy, sexually abuse him and ultimately kill him during the making of a snuff film.Police and FBI agents believe that the two would have carried out their scheme had it not been for several San Jose cops going undercover in cyberspace.

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