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It was that way under the Martín Torrijos and Ricardo Martinelli administrations and it’s like that with the Juan Carlos Varela administration.So the power brokers angling to get the inside track in the 2019 elections were unhappy, and for those who rely only on rabiblanco media for their information it’s a story largely untold.Kurzfristige nachteilige Wirkungen auf die Menschliche Gesundheitsind unwahrscheinlich;allerdings knnen Gesundheitseffekte durch Luftschadstoffkombinationenund langfristige Einwirkung des Einzelstoffes nichtausgeschlossenwerden.Density: 1.30 kg/m Geschtzte Menge an Wasser das bentigt wird ,um fehlendes Wasser z. durch Verdunstung aus der vergangenen Zeit zu ersetzen.There were Che Guevara t-shirts and crucifixes and stars of David.There were rastas in dreadlocks and Orthodox Jews in black hats and Muslims wearing kufi caps. But then came the common expressions of faith, as the crowd sang El Himno Istmeño and El Tambor de Alegría.When the second side of the fish is about done, top it with the things you have just stir fried, broil just a bit more, and then serve.Yes, it was panned, ignored or distorted by the major political parties and by the major news media — all of which have their ties to individuals, companies, banks, law firms, brokerages or relatives who are implicated in the massive Odebrecht and Blue Apple scandals, by which almost every public works contract with every business foreign or domestic was overpriced, with politicians, parties or politically connected individuals getting some of the excess kicked back to them.

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Compared to prior demonstration, the crowd was a bit darker-skinned and substantially younger. People marched a short way to across from the Hotel Miramar, where the president lives.

Some of the survivors of that day in 1964 also gathered at their old high school. DOZENS of hundreds gathered on the Cinta Costera, overflowing the Mirador Fotografica and ultimately so crowding the overlooking pedestrian overpass that the police stopped people from adding to the numbers.

They were outnumbered by hangers-on who wouldn’t want to look unpatriotic but also would not be so disrespectful as to demand an end to the corruption that holds Panama in its grip. Not that there was any nastiness with the cops — they really were interested in safety.

Yes, another anti-corruption demonstration with Miguel Antonio Bernal and his friends. This was called by the irreverent La Cascara TV show producer / director and satirist Ubaldo Davis, Senior and some of his friends.

Bernal, the Colegio de Abogados and many others jumped on the bandwagon.

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