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Este metapaquete es parte del subconjunto de Debian Pure Blend «Debian Science» e instala paquetes relacionados con la ingeniería.Tenga en cuenta que hay un paquete adicional engineering-dev que depende de los paquetes útiles para desarrollar software relacionado con la ingeniería.The selection of packages is targeting the complete frameworks for the design of BCI systems.Often such systems rely on external presentation, data collection and analysis software which could be found in science-neuroscience-cognitive, science-dataacquisition, data-machine-learning metapackages.

This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Electronics.This metapackage is part of the Debian Pure Blend "Debian Science" and installs packages related to Computational Logic.It contains formula transformation tools, solvers for formulas specified in various logics, interactive proof systems, etc.Note that there is no according metapackage created since the packages might be to different to make sense to install all on one machine.This metapackage will install Debian Science packages useful for economics and econometrics.

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