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They also found a stone toilet that was never used, which had been placed in the holy of holies, apparently to desecrate it.

They attributed both discoveries to the religious reforms under King Hezekiah, described in 2 Kings 18:4.

The badly-in-need-of-repair marble edicule that surrounded the tomb was stripped down to the limestone platform where the body of Jesus was believed to have been laid after his crucifixion.Archaeologists excavated the remains of a glass production facility at the foot of Mt.Carmel, near Haifa, when it was discovered by workers of the Jezreel Valley Railroad Project.From the other end of the Roman Empire comes evidence for the ubiquity of writing in the first century. The tablets were originally covered with wax and written on with a stylus.(Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, used a writing tablet in Luke .) More than 400 ancient wooden tablets were excavated in London, the oldest dating to A. The wax is gone, but the impressions of many notes in Latin remain. The geometric patterns of the stone tile floors of the porticos of the Jewish Temple built by King Herod have been identified from tile fragments recovered by the Temple Mount Sifting Project.

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